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Inkjet Press

Maple Press has installed an HP T260 Mono web-fed Inkjet Press and a Magnum Flexbook delivery system. This is the first installation of this press in the Americas. After years of researching inkjet technology and running tests on numerous machines, the HP T260 was finally able to achieve quality levels that are indistinguishable from offset and solidified the decision to add inkjet printing capabilities to our conventional press platform. The Inkjet Press will print conventional work down to 250 copies and up to 6000+ copies.

The press can run at speeds of up to 800 linear feet per minute. This is comparable to the speeds of a web offset press. The differentiator for the HP T260 press versus other inkjet technologies is that it has dual sets of inkjet nozzles across the expanse of the web that create a redundancy in the printing process to ensure consistent inking across the entire page. The press can print four pages across on both sides up to 6 1/8” x 9 1/4" trim sizes. The nozzles are set up to provide 1200 x 1200 dpi output allowing for incredibly crisp text and amazing details in halftone work. The ink is laid down on the paper dot for dot with a bonding agent. This bonding agent helps create a coating on the paper to minimize show through and dot gain. The application of the bonding agent allows for standard offset papers to be used for printing on the inkjet press.

Once the paper passes through the HP T260 printing units and dryers, it begins its journey to the Magnum Flexbook finishing device. The web of paper is put through a series of ribbon folders that will fold over to create an eight page signature. The signature is notched in-line to create a space for glue to adhere to the inside pages of the signature in the bindery. Maple Press is the first book manufacturing company to utilize the Magnum Flexbook technology to create a true notch signature. The signatures are then tack glued and stacked off in full book blocks which are delivered to the bindery to be bound as papercover or hardcover books. A variety of stocked papers are available for printing on the inkjet press, click here for a listing.

Inkjet printing has evolved greatly in the past few years and the technology will continue to adapt and change. The HP T260 provides Maple Press with the future of print technology today and opens the door for tomorrow.