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Digital Printing

Digital Printing

The book manufacturing environment continues to be characterized by shorter run lengths as publishers seek to minimize risk through the optimization of inventory levels. In response to this, Maple Press has expanded our digital printing offerings to include short-run book manufacturing, print-on-demand, and book component production as part of our internal capabilities. Our complete new line of equipment enables Maple Press to meet the increasing market demand for digital printing services.


One of our goals as we installed digital printing capabilities for short runs was to make sure the transition from our offset program would be seamless. This led to the development of our FlexStream program, a blended production model utilizing our digital printing and offset press platforms to ensure the cost-effective manufacturing of orders of any size. With FlexStream, customers can easily switch back and forth between offset and digital printing platforms as required, using the same media files with no conversion costs.

Digital Short Run

While our web and sheetfed presses remain as a cost-effective solution for orders of 250 to 100,000+, FlexStream provides a digital printing solution for runs as low as 25 copies. This allows customers to maintain optimum inventory levels over the life cycle of a title. A streamlined set-up of titles in our system at simplifies the digital printing and short-run manufacturing process. The online interface permits our customers to utilize the book files already on hand for digital printing when order quantities fall below normal offset limits. Multiple options for materials are included in this fast, efficient system.

Digital Bridge Printing

Digital printing also provides our customers with an option to get books into the marketplace quickly, even during times where manufacturing capacity is sold out. Maple Press can produce short runs through our Digital Short Run program in quantities up to about 1,000 copies to keep books in inventory while an offset reprint may be in process but not readily available. This process can also be used to print copies for events or shows or even Advanced Reader Copies (ARC’s).

Component Production

Internal digital component production capabilities effectively solidify a one-stop shopping alternative for our customers. Our Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1e inkjet digital color press produces papercovers, jackets, preprints and inserts for titles on either FlexStream platform. This helps to speed delivery times and reduce costs for our customers. Multiple lamination alternatives are available in support of our digital printing capabilities for components.

Maple Press provides Print-on-Demand services for our distribution customers

This program is offered through our Maple Logistics Solutions division. Customers load their titles into our system at From there, book specifications are established and a sample is approved if required. At the point a title is approved for ongoing production, customers have the ability to order an initial print run and establish both a reorder point and reorder quantity to allow for automated inventory management. Orders can then be forwarded to our distribution centers on a continual basis to service ongoing demand while optimizing inventory levels. This arrangement supports print-on-demand manufacturing to as low as a single copy while establishing a virtual inventory for customers.

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